Worker’s Compensation Insurance for moving companies

Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Contractors California

Worker’s compensation insurance for moving companies in California- how to save.

Learn how to save on insurance for your moving company and request a quote online.

Worker’s compensation insurance for moving companies is one of the toughest and highest rated worker’s compensation classifications in California.  Given the high risk characteristics of movers, there are only a few companies that offer insurance coverage for mover in California.  Therefore, if you are an owner of a moving company, it is very important that you take the proper measures to keep your rate low.

There are three key elements to managing your worker’s compensation rate:

  1. Maintain a good reputation with your insurance carrier
  2. Provide proper training to your employees to focus on safety to minimize, or better yet, avoid worker’s compensation claims.
  3. Have a good claims management system

Maintaining good reputation with your worker’s compensation carrier- California Moving Companies

To show good financial strength and strength in overall company organization you must do the following:

  1. Pay your premium on time: I strongly recommend setting up an automatic payment with your insurance carrier. If that option is not offered, set up with your bank for automatic bill payment.
  2. Comply with the audit in timely and organized manner
  3. Try to project your payroll estimate as close as possible.


Think of it this way, which customer would you give your best rate:

  1. Customer who books last minute, has previously bounced a check, told you he/she has 2 bedroom home, when in fact there is 3 bedrooms with garage and a shed
  2. Customer who schedules in advance, paid the bill on time (+tipped well), gave you a detailed inventory list and was grateful for your services.


Employee Safety training – California Moving Companies

From my experience, companies that take proactive approach to workplace safety and injury prevention, not only save money on the upfront worker’s compensation premium and have low claims expenses, but experience higher productivity, lower turnover and overall healthy work environment.

The first step is to create a complete safety training program to include proper lifting and moving techniques, muscle stretching before work, proper operation of tools and equipment, and employees’ equipment.

Second, hold weekly meetings to review safety tips.  To make this productive, fun and effective you can designate an employee each week to lead the meeting by going in depth on a single safety item for that week.

Third, encourage healthy lifestyle for your employees.  This could include company sponsored health club memberships, paid time off, work hours to facilitate healthy work/life balance.

Worker’s Compensation Claim Management- California moving companies

Having proper claims management system will help you to reduce the fraud and manage the stress and cost of a claim.

Here are steps for proper claims management:

  1. Reporting of a Claim: Timely reporting of a work-related injury can help with proper handling of a claim and more importantly allow you to implement measures to avoid future similar claims.
  2. Alternate duty work: Having an alternate duty work for your employees helps reduce employee’s time away from work, reduce claims cost, minimize possibility of fraud and attorney involvement.
  3. Pre-arranged medical facility: Having a prearranged, dedicated medical facility and/or doctor for your business can help you get the proper treatment to your employee faster and cost effectively. Check with your insurance company if they have a network physician or facility in your area.
  4. Keep in touch with your employee: stay in touch with your employee to ensure the treatment is going well and they are getting the care they need. This will help you to create better satisfaction from the employee and desire to return to work (once medically cleared).


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